SERENDIPITOUSLY, WE FOUND JUST WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR AT MADE ART BOUTIQUE. In case you have not visited them lately, here’s cuatro good reasons you need to do so – pronto:

1. The inventory of “functional artist-made goods” works so well together that it makes for a relaxing and inspiring (shopping) experience.

2. It’s open five days a week, so you can enjoy MADE at your own pace and avoid crowds; no need to wait for First Fridays.

3. There’s something for everyone – literally. Including your picky brother, BFF’s baby, boss, and better half.

4. Splurge with a purpose: buy a Road Signs to the End of the World panel, hand-made from recycled materials by Greg Esser, and benefit Roosevelt Row; or if a lovely hand-made craft from around the world calls your name, take it home and contribute to the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, which makes legacy investments in artists’ futures.

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