Matt Farrow: Full Artist Spotlight

July's Artist Spotlight focuses on the culinary arts.  Meet Matt Farrow, the mixologist and founder of the Iconic Cocktail Co.  His vibrant creations are guaranteed to liven up any cocktail, and they make some of the best mocktails you will ever have.  Serving up the perfect summertime refreshments to you!


How did you get started creating your mixers?

While bartending, my guests would ask me how to make cocktails at home and how to make the simple syrups needed. Most times, once I described how I made the mixers my guests would just say, "that sounds like too much work, I'll just come see you." So I figured I could make the mixers and share some recipes and help some people feel more empowered to be home mixologists. My wife and I started Iconic in 2016 and began by selling mixers at The Phoenix Flea and Uptown Farmers Market.


What’s the favorite part of your work/what you make?

Interacting with customers. I love talking about what they are passionate about drinking and mixing and connecting on how to achieve what they're looking for, be it alcoholic or not.



How do you express your creativity through your work?

For me, I like being creative with the design of the flavor profile and the cocktail creation process. From the build to naming and connecting it all to tell a little story.



What brings you joy?

Working with my team. We are a very small business but we have extremely dedicated, talented, and genuine people. It's the best part of every day for me.


What challenge(s) have you overcome?

Name it, lol. I didn't graduate college, have no formal training, and learned everything by asking questions and making mistakes. We also have had a bit of an uphill climb with the education process of our product. Everyone knows what to do with bloody mary mix, not everyone knows what to do with something called Grapefruit Fleur de Sel. But that part has been fun. You won't last long as an entrepreneur if you don't enjoy overcoming challenges.


Anything exciting in the works/coming up for you? 

Yes. I can't talk about it more than that. Stay tuned!


What do you wish for the world? 

That's a big question. I think I'd say I wish we would all be present. Many times we are mentally trapped in the past or pining for the future. The only thing we have is the moment we exist in right this second. If as a planet we lived for the moments we have and did what we could with them the future would take care of itself, and the past wouldn't matter.


Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

There's so much I'd like to share but most of all I'd like to extend gratitude to Phoenix for being such a supportive local community and for the thousands of people who support our business so we can do what we love. Cheers!


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