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MADE Artists

  • Colleen Conlin: Full Artist Spotlight

    Colleen Conlin makes incredible and unique ceramics pieces. She loves the pleasure from experimenting with new techniques and the adventure of creating a custom piece.
  • Judith Amiel: Full Artist Spotlight

    Judith Amiel is a jewelry and ceramics artist. She often discovers what her pieces will be spontaneously.
  • Jennifer Urso: Full Artist Spotlight

    Jennifer Urso is an incredible artist who sees creativity in all things she does. Jen is inspired by the impermanence of nature and experimenting with the creative process.
  • Addie Rawr: Full Artist Spotlight

    Addie Rawr is an inspiring and empowering creative. She sees herself reflected in much of her art. Read on for our full interview with her

  • Kaelee Wilson: Artist Spotlight

    Lace, Grace & Peonies  Tempe-based owner/artist Kaelee Wilson creates unique, high-quality hand-painted marble coasters. All of her marble coa...