MADE 18 Year Anniversary Spotlight

This month, we visit with owner/artist Cindy Dach to celebrate the 18th anniversary of MADE art boutique.  Her unique embroidery creations have been a beautiful anchor in our shop alongside the works of over hundreds of artists.

Cindy Dach at Made circa 2005/2006


What inspired you to open MADE Art Boutique?

MADE first opened in March 2005.  It was Art Detour weekend and we had kids crafting activities in our courtyard. There were numerous galleries and studios along Roosevelt Street and along Grand Avenue, but there wasn't a place for small works and crafts.  You could see and purchase a large painting, but you could not find or purchase a handmade mug.

MADE first opened in 200 square feet in what was the historic living room of a house built in 1918.  Eye Lounge was on the north side of the building and a photo collective was on the south side. When the photography collective decided to move, MADE expanded into that space. For years it was Eye Lounge and MADE with different arts studios and businesses using portions of the building. 

At the beginning, we only represented Arizona artists, but as some of them moved away, we didn't want to end the relationship, and when we traveled we would find new crafters and want to share them with Phoenix. Today, we have national and international artists represented at MADE with a primary focus on Arizona artists. 

MADE art boutique circa 2018 prior to brewery renovations

What Changes has MADE seen since opening?

The immediate neighborhood was very different eighteen years ago. There were more vacant lots than buildings. There were single story structures and old houses that had been repurposed by artists for studio space and a handful of new small businesses. After dark, you could walk down the center of the street and never see a car.

MADE 2014

Eye Lounge artist collective has been part of this building since 2000. Our spaces have shape-shifted in so many ways. Mostly, MADE was in the two rooms of the original house and we became 750 square feet.  We hosted workshops, themed exhibitions, and meet ups. We planted the ficus trees in 2005.   

MADE interior before renovations circa 2014

In 2019, we started working with Greenwood Brewery and we all shapeshifted again. Our newest iteration is 500 square feet. We have a doorway into Eye Lounge and our courtyard is a beer garden.

MADE interior after renovations 2022

What do you envision for the future of MADE?


The area has changed most dramatically in density.  People live, work and play outside our front door, and we are walking distance to so many local and amazing shops.  There is so much good food.  Today there are fewer artists studios and a lot more murals and outdoor artists markets.

As we think about the future, we hope to continue to discover new makers to share with our community and we look forward to continue watching our current makers grow their process and business.  Our hope for the future is more of the same and to continue to evolve.

You can learn more about Cindy Dach on her website or follow her on Instagram.

You can check out a collection of her Embroidery pieces here

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