Michael Clark: Full Artist Spotlight

This month, meet local Renaissance Man Michael Clark from Unicity Woodworking. 

Take a deep dive into the creative joy he brings to the beautiful craft of woodworking.  With each unique piece, he creates art that is usable every day.

Here's our full interview with Michael in his own words:

Photo of the artist, Michael Clark, standing outside in front of desert foliage, smiling in a sun hat

How did you get started creating your pieces?

I play the guitar and write a bit. The music and words are very fulfilling, but I wanted to explore different ways to create pieces that were tangible....something more dimensional that could be experienced using the senses of touch and sight.



What's the favorite part of your work/what you make?


In short, my favorite part is the specific process I'm working on at that moment in time on a given project.  Once a design is finalized, there are several steps involved in turning a raw piece of wood into something others find useful or creative enough to display in their home. 

The making can be very time consuming and I can absolutely lose myself in the process.  While sometimes quite challenging, each process is a small step towards the final creation.


What brings you joy?


Outside of creating, my joy comes from always trying to remain grateful.  With so many negative things occurring on a global level it can, at times, be easy to lose sight of all that I've been blessed with. 

I'm grateful for my wonderful wife, children, and friends.  I am blessed with good health and the motivation to continue finding ways to transform trees into art and useful items for the home.



What challenges have you overcome?


Two things come to mind immediately.  I find certain technologies very challenging; I would rather be in my shop creating than at the computer adjusting my website, but I know it must be done. 

Also, I'm certain I've held myself back somewhat by comparing other artist's work to mine.  It used to be very easy to think my work didn't compare.  While there's still progress to be made, I have come a long way.


What do you wish for the world?


We needn't look too deeply to see that the world is struggling.  While it sounds cliche, I simply wish for peace for everyone, everywhere.  There is a line from an old Don Henley song that says "To want what I have and to take what I'm given with grace".  How much better off we would be if everyone abided by those words.


Shows wooden chair in a garage wood working shop


Is there anything else you'd like to share? 


While charcuterie and cutting boards are in demand right now, I've collaborated with clients on projects such as tables, adirondack chairs, night stands, bookshelves, and guitar stands.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss with anyone who may be interested in stock or custom pieces.

Shop his collection of items at MADE here :)

You can check him out on Instagram @unicity_woodworking