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Ascending Alchemy

Journal Ascending Alchemy

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Awaken your inner alchemist and discover the power within you. Transform your spirit. Command your destiny with Ascending Alchemy where the magic of pen meets the power of spiritual transformation.  Made in downtown Phoenix.

  • Material: High-quality vegan leather that's soft to touch 
  • Design: Deep black and gold cover with elegant sand-colored pages with gold foil edges
  • Content: Access 35 spells focused on wealth, love, confidence, peace, health, and intuitive connection
  • How Ascending Alchemy works: 
    1. Set your intention and find a spell that speaks to you.
    2. Conduct the spell using the easy-to-follow instructions.
    3. Write what the universe is guiding you towards and what you want to achieve from the spell using the journal pages, and chronicle your mystical journey.