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Leather Notebook w/ Crystal Accent

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Real leather notebook bound with a leather cord with natural-colored paper inside in metal binder rings for easy refilling.

Each color notebook has its own unique crystal accent. The leather cover is embossed with a compass design, and the crystal accent is accompanied by an anchor and ship's wheel charm.

The notebook is closed by folding the cover and tying the attached leather cord around the book.

COLORS: Red w/ Amethyst Crystal, Green w/ Citrine Crystal

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural leather, the colors may vary slightly from photos shown. The crystal accent will also vary in exact shape, size, and color, due to it being natural and not manufactured*

Approximately 80 pages (+/- 10)

Approximate weight: 5.25oz

Approximate dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1"

Dimensions of paper: 3.25" x 5"

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