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Stone Wood Studio

Monsoon Storm | Hand Poured Soy Candle

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There is a very distinct smell after it rains in the desert. It’s a touch of sweetness cut by the earthiness of disturbed earth. That’s the blend achieved with this Arizona-inspired candle, meant to enliven a space with the post-rain aromas of the Grand Canyon State. Monsoon Storm Soy Candle starts with top notes of citrusy bergamot, sour green apple, and the therapeutic properties of eucalyptus and ivy. Balancing the bottom notes of rich and syrupy vanilla and woodsy moss and cedarwood are touches of tarragon, ginger, and sage. Much like the rain itself, this fragrance is a rejuvenating blend, an aroma that’s great to start the day with. Light the wick and get lost in the beauty of the Arizona desert. -Green, floral and earthy fragrance blend -Top Notes: Green, ozonic, cut grass, dew, bergamot, green apple, eucalyptus, ivy leaf -Middle Notes: Green ivy, jasmine, watery, peony, creosote, tarragon, sage, ginger -Bottom Notes: White woods, earthy, musk, cedarwood, vanilla, moss
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