Alondria Jeffrey: Full Artist Spotlight

Alondria Jeffrey of Magnolia & Clover ( formerly, A Simple Bead) creates stunning beaded jewelry pieces. What started with an accidental Alaskan discovery has now blossomed into gorgeous creations and a fulfilling business. It is immensely satisfying to be able to share something beautiful from what was previously nothing. 

Here’s our full interview with Alondria in her own words: 

How did you get started creating your pieces?

I've always loved all things crafty. I found beading by accident when I stumbled upon a bead shop in Anchorage, Alaska.

While looking around I purchased my first bead loom and that's all she wrote. I have been obsessed ever since. I started with bracelets but fell in love with making earrings.  

What’s the favorite part of your work/what you make?

Overall, I just love being able to create something beautiful from almost nothing. I love that I get to share that with others. I get to take something that I love to do to make other people feel bold, confident and beautiful.  



How do you express your creativity through your work?

Colors, colors, and colors. Creating color palettes is actually one of my favorite parts of the process. You can even tell the mood I'm in when I design something based on the color selections.

What brings you joy?

The little things. Going to the playground with my kids, succeeding in a new technique of beading, and rewatching my favorite anime for the millionth time. 

What challenge(s) have you overcome?

My own self doubt and lack of confidence in my abilities. It's something that takes a lot of conscious effort on my part but it is something that I have made vast improvements on in the last six months. 



Anything exciting in the works/coming up for you? 

Nothing too crazy. This is my first real holiday season with my business and I'm looking forward to being busy hopefully.

I have two new collections that I'm releasing next year that I have worked hard on and I'm really excited to show the world those things. Both took a lot of practice to perfect and I'm thrilled with the results. 

What do you wish for the world? 

 Wow, that's an amazing question. I guess it would be a little too naive to hope for world peace. I suppose I would hope for a less judgmental and more empathetic world. 

I believe that if people withheld rash judgment and held genuine compassion and understanding of one another the world could be a more beautiful place.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I'm just a mom trying to achieve my dreams. It all started with a tube of beads and a dream of being home with my kids to be able to watch them grow and be there for them. 

See her collection of items at MADE here :)  

You can also check out her Instagram and Etsy 💙💜