Andrea Bapst- Full Artist Spotlight

Andrea Bapst has been hammering away at her unique creations for years now, and they are a perpetual favorite in the store.

We took a moment to catch up with one of the creators behind Spoonsenforksen and learn more about her inspirations and process.

How did you start your business?

Spoonsenforksen is owned (by me) Andrea and my partner Aurelio. We went on a vacation to San Francisco in 2006 and saw a man on the street corner making rings out of spoons on a tree stump. Incredibly inspired, we came back home to begin antiquing for silverware and started practicing. Fun fact, Aurelio made 1000’s of rings for us to sell before I even began my spoon bending journey. We built enough confidence to begin selling at First Friday and other artist markets. I was focused on exploring boutiques to sell our products; MADE was the first boutique we started selling our jewelry in, and we are grateful to still be a part of this mighty shop today.


What is your favorite part of the maker’s process?

Turning an old tarnished utensil into a pretty ring, shined up so brightly, is so satisfying to see. My second favorite part is spotting a silverware pattern that we’ve not yet had in our inventory. There’s over 5000 Silverplate flatware patterns out there so there’s always something new to discover. Lastly, customers who inherit grandmas silverware request custom orders to turn their silverware into jewelry and gifts for generations of the family. We love getting to be a part of that experience.


How do you go about starting new designs, do you plan ahead or just jump right in?

The pattern of the spoon guides us on what direction the design will take. If it’s a really ornate spoon, it’s definitely becoming a ring or a pretty pair of earrings. If it has minimal detail or monogrammed, it’s going to make a nice looking bracelet.


Where do you source your spoons?

We source 85% of our silverware locally and we look for Silverplate and Sterling material specifically. We have so many favorite antique dealers and shops to dig around for silverware and our favorite go-to estate sale company in the valley never disappoints. The most common question I ask dealers, “did you get any spoons and forks in?”


What has been your biggest challenge as a professional artist?

Balance. I have worked a full time retail job for 18 years. I plan time to create in our workspace once a week, and I am strategic on how I spend my time marketing our business and popping up at artist markets. I learned that the best thing about our small business is it allows me to express my creativity and support my mental health. There is nothing more therapeutic to me than bashing on a piece of metal with a hammer.



What brings you the most joy outside of the studio?

Time spent with my partner Aurelio, and my 2 dogs Bowser and Yoshi. We have the most fun going to comedy shows, concerts, antique shopping, and discovering new restaurants to try.

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