Gutxo Scarpa- Full Artist Spotlight

Delicious scents and childhood memories collide, great ideas and new adventures converging, so many inspirational combinations are used in Sandfire Candles.

Oh the delightful smell of it all!  Learn more about artisan Gutxo Scarpa, the creative mind behind Sandfire Candle Co. this month.

What is your favorite part of the maker’s process?

As a candle maker, I think the most exciting thing is when people smell the candles and it creates a series of emotions, feelings or memories of some place or people.  The power to transport someone through the senses is a special reward for my work.

 Eucalyptus and lemon candle from Sandfire Candle Co.

How do you go about starting new collections, do you plan ahead or just jump right in?

Depends on the moment or the mood, normally we look for some essence according to the seasons of the year, but we can also be inspired by a family memory or personal experience.

Do you like a tidy work space or functional chaos?

An organized and clean place is the basis for creating a quality product that is safe and reliable for our customers.  Our candles create emotions, so you can fall in love through the senses. 

Order, organization and cleanliness are fundamental in our creative process.

Sandfire Candles in the process of being created


What has been your biggest challenge as a professional artist?

Too many... I think that as a small business we face challenges every day.  From trying to improve our product by being at the forefront with the best trends and quality, to competing with large companies, we have to learn to reinvent ourselves day by day, also following the taste of consumers.

However, without a doubt, the greatest competition is with ourselves, which makes us better daily and helps overcome challenges.



What brings you the most joy outside of the studio?

Being able to see our candles in stores or in the homes of our clients.  I think that when you enjoy the creating process and see the final result in some window display, it is an important part of the recognition of the work and passion that we put into what we do.


What do you wish to see in the future to support artistan owned small businesses in AZ? 

I see positive changes thanks to the opening of other small businesses like Made Art Boutique, that care about helping and promoting the consumption of local products; this is essential to create a solid community.

 Lavender Vanilla candle from Sandfire Candle Co.


Anything exciting in the works/coming up for you this year? 

Yeah!  We are creating a new spring collection with aromas based on the flora and fauna of the desert.  We are very happy for the new challenges of this 2024!

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

Thanks for the space and the opportunity to share our small business with your clients.  Each of our products is handmade, with natural ingredients inspired by Arizona, made with love.


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