Kaelee Wilson: Artist Spotlight

Lace, Grace & Peonies 

Tempe-based owner/artist Kaelee Wilson creates unique, high-quality hand-painted marble coasters. All of her marble coasters are hand-stamped, painted, and sealed in a distinct method that gives the stone a smooth, matte finish. We reached out to learn more about her process so we can share her story with you. 


What do you enjoy most about creating your work?

My favorite part of creating my coasters is that they make people smile.

It is so humbling to know my coasters are on people’s coffee tables making them smile daily.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

My ideas come from all different forms of inspiration. Sometimes a coaster design will come from a simple conversation. For example, my music collection began with a conversation with my mailman.

My most recent blue and white collection comes from my personal love of blue and white decor.

What is your process?

Creating the first coaster of a design is always my favorite.

It’s seeing this design come to life. It’s questioning while painting it if people will love it. How can I improve it? How can I make it the best?

Seeing my vision come together on the first coaster of a design keeps me going.... and it’s probably why I have 600 designs, ha.


For a collection of her pieces at Made click here

You can find more of her work by:

Going to her website

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