Rae Wilson: Full Artist Spotlight

Rae Wilson is a new transplant to Phoenix. She brings her creative passion to the process for every piece she makes. Her paintings create whimsy through embracing things not always making sense. 

Here’s our full interview with Rae in her own words:

How did you get started creating your pieces?

I found two large canvases near a dumpster, and after a very inspiring trip to a plant conservatory I knew that I could preserve those canvases and paint plants as a symbol of rebirth/newness, and connect the dots of old becoming new with the placement of  circles in my work.

What’s the favorite part of your work/what you make?

My favorite part of the work that I make is the process. I commit to using each layer of paint on the canvas, so when those layers shine through in a new section it brings me a lot of pride to know that every thing on the canvas has purpose. 


How do you express your creativity through your work?

I express my creativity in my work by allowing things to not make sense. I accept that lines are not always straight, and everything is a little bit magical if we really pay attention to it. I look to create "whimsy"

What brings you joy?

I find the most joy in sitting in sunlight, unplugged, with the sounds of nature around me. I imagine that in another lifetime I was an old housecat.

What challenge(s) have you overcome?

One of my biggest challenges was my decision to leave secondary education. At the time it felt impossible to make connections and find my place without the safety of a college education - but I have been so fortunate to meet and work with amazing mentors and art friends who have guided me along this journey. 

Anything exciting in the works/coming up for you? 

I am currently exhibiting at Cartel Roasting Co in the Coronado neighborhood! This opportunity has been amazing, and I feel so grateful to be able to share my original artwork publicly for the first time in Phoenix, AZ

What do you wish for the world? 

I wish for the world authenticity. I think that at the core of humans is a desire to be honest with ourselves and other people. When we are honest about our own feelings we're able to be honest about other people's feelings and I think it makes us more empathetic and better because of it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

As a new transplant to Phoenix I am so excited to see the shift in my work - whether that be in subject matter or otherwise, and I'm so ready to connect with my new community. 

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