Star DeLuna- Full Artist Spotlight

Creator of our always popular glitter and resin cacti, Star DeLuna is ready to charge forward with a new studio space and new line of items, all created for Star DeLuna Creations.

Spring has sprung, and it is time to catch up with Star to learn more about her process.


What is your favorite part of the maker’s process?

Experimenting with the color combinations of the mica powders and the many different glitters that I have collected over the years is inspiring to me. My most favorite part is creating my very own colors by mixing the mica powders together so I can make one of a kind pieces. I am also fascinated that a two part liquid chemical can become a solid piece of art.


How do you go about starting new designs, do you plan ahead or just jump right in?

It is a little bit of both. Sometimes I will be thinking of a design and have to map it out to make sure that the design will work as earrings or a keychain and other times the design will just kind of hit me as I am scrolling through Instagram being inspired by other artists.


Do you like a tidy work space or functional chaos?

I work best in functional chaos. Those who know me call it my craft-roid. When I am working on my projects it’s like an android has hit and there are specks of my craft project everywhere around me. I think I thrive best when surrounded by my supplies. Eventually it gets crazy, and I will tidy it up and start fresh.



What has been your biggest challenge as a professional artist?

I would say the biggest challenge is trying to step out of my comfort zones. I am an introvert that just wants to produce my art but to be a professional artist you also have to socialize and showcase yourself to the world. It is slow going, but I am working on myself, gaining confidence and improving my social skills.



What brings you the most joy outside of the studio?

Traveling with my husband every chance we get. We both have full time jobs and so finding time to get away is what we love. I have also been into photography for the last 20 years and my favorite medium is landscape photography. I have a Canon digital camera but I like to play around with my Lomography polaroid film camera too. It makes for interesting shots.


What do you wish to see in the future to support artist owned small businesses in AZ? 

For me I am starting from the ground up. I rebranded my art and turned my hobby into a legit LLC but by doing so, I am having to strip everything that I was known for away to start fresh and create one-of-a-kind designs. So, I wish for more art boutiques and shops that support local artists and small business owners like Made Art Boutique. These shops help us thrive and keep art alive in a world that is full of commercial stores and corporate enterprises.  



Anything exciting in the works/coming up for you this year? 

I am most excited to be working on new designs and creations. I hope to get a website up and running with my new lines very soon. I plan to start attending events and getting my rebranded Star DeLuna Creations art out there.


Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

My website isn’t up yet but when it is, visit


You can check them out around the web:

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Instagram: StarLeDuna Creations

Facebook: Art by Star D